Chartridge Combined School

About our School

Chartridge Combined School, which opened in January 1969, is located in the village of Chartridge near Chesham.


At Chartridge it is the aim of all staff and governors that we:

  • Inspire children to be confident, independent, collaborative learners and to foster a life-long love of learning
  • Ensure that everyone feels happy, welcome, safe and valued as an individual
  • Encourage everyone to have a healthy body and mind
  • Nurture responsible citizens who take an active and thoughtful role in the local and global community
  • Encourage children to achieve their full potential though a myriad of opportunities and experiences
  • Develop open and enquiring minds, creating resilient and curious learners
  • Encourage children to appreciate and understand the values of democracy, the rules of law, individual liberty and mutual respect of those with different faiths in modern British global society.


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